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WARP Announcement!...
Jun 24, 2014

Phosphor Games Studio announced Warriors of the Red Planet: WARP! A thrilling 3v3 platformer style game for iOS and Android devices. The title was featured on TouchArchade earlier this week, and the official website has launched at PlayWarpGame.com.

Horn is Free App of the Week!...
Apr 18, 2014

Horn is currently Free App of the Week on the App Store! Over 2 million players have downloaded the game during this event.

For the free download, check out Horn on the App Store!

Major Nether Update!...
Apr 02, 2014

A major patch for Nether was released today!

Changes: Territory Wars, Female Character Model, Taunts & More!

Read the patch notes on the PlayNether Forums!

Get the game on Steam!

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