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Brookhaven will be supporting Sony’s AIM Controller for PSVR at launch!

You can check out their blog write-up here!


Here’s what we wrote:

It was always our dream as little kids to be able to take the arcade shoot ’em up into our living room. We could have never imagined that more than two decades later, not only would we be able to play these types of games at home, but we’d be playing in a completely immersive VR environment.

When we set out to make The Brookhaven Experiment, our goal was to recreate that kind of visceral feeling from the arcades. But we wanted to ratchet up the stakes with 50 foot tall monsters and creatures coming at you from all angles with all the different weapons you could hope for, just waiting to be chosen. Something was missing, though… we didn’t just want to see the rifle anymore, we wanted to feel it, too.

That experience from the arcades was tied to that experience of holding something real in your hands. So, consider ourselves lucky when Sony announced that they were releasing the Aim Controller for PS VR. Without a moment passing by, we wanted to be the first game to support it. And, as we worked to integrate it, that feeling came back. Not only was our vision immersed… the feeling of holding the weapon in our hands changed how the game affects us mentally, too.

It’s an exciting time to be a developer and PlayStation has created a playground for us to create the kind of memorable experiences that we hope will inspire future game devs more than two decades from now. That’s what we strive towards and we’re so excited to see people immerse themselves one step further on June 6th when The Brookhaven Experiment adds Sony Aim Controller support.

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