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Engadget raves about The Brookhaven Experiment in their HTC Vive review!


Here’s their write-up on The Brookhaven Experiment:

And who doesn’t love abandoned parking lots with horrific monstrosities hunting you down in virtual reality? I got to live that horror fantasy with The Brookhaven Experiment, an addictive shooter that also happens to be the most terrifying VR experience I’ve had yet. It’s an exercise in minimal, yet effective gameplay: You’re standing in one spot and you can hear monsters walking towards you. All you have is a gun with a limited amount of ammunition and a flashlight. Go.

There’s no aiming reticule, so targeting the monsters feels akin to shooting a gun in real life. But thankfully, the Vive’s motion controller is pretty darn accurate when it comes to tracking your hand motions, so it’s not too long before your clear misses end up becoming headshots. I was only able to play a demo, but I’m eager to see what The Brookhaven Experiment‘s developer, Phosphor Games, has cooked up for its release later this month.

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