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GAMBLIT Brings The Brookhaven Experiment Into Casinos

Venturebeat has their writeup about it here.


Gamblit Gaming has teamed up with Phosphor Games to take the virtual reality shooter game The Brookhaven Experiment into land-based casinos as part of an attempt to target younger gamblers.

Younger folks visit casinos often, but they don’t like older slot machines and table games as much as they enjoy video games. So Gamblit is trying to change that.

Gamblit Gaming specializes in real-money gambling and skill games in both mobile and land-based casinos. Gamblit is “gamblifying” mobile games such as PikPok’s Into the Dead into real-money gaming experiences that will launch in land-based casinos in 2017.

Gamblit Gaming develops and publishes a wide variety of games that bring a casual, arcade sense of fun and skill into the casino market. Gamblit Gaming also works closely with game developers to gamblify and publish their games into new markets, tapping into the lucrative revenue streams of real money mobile gaming and land-based casinos.

Gamblit Gaming provides all of the technology, gambling expertise, operations, account management, security, gambling licenses, regulations and compliance elements needed. The company also helps casino operators deliver a new entertainment experience to not only attract new players, but also retain existing users.

“With The Brookhaven Experiment, we wanted to be on the forefront of the video game industry as it stepped into the new world of virtual reality, and now with this fantastic partnership with Gamblit Gaming, we have the opportunity to be on the forefront of the transformation of the real-money gaming industry as well,” said Justin Corcoran, CEO, Phosphor Games Studio, in a statement.  “Gamblit is the leader in this new vision for the casino floor, and we could not be happier in partnering with them to have Brookhaven, already a hit at home and in arcades, be a hit for the VRC as well.”

Gamblit is creating a real-money gambling version of Brookhaven to introduce at the G2E event. You can do things such as bet a few dollars on whether you will survive the next wave of zombie attackers. The Brookhaven Experiment has had more than 50 million views to date.“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Phosphor Games to bring this first of its kind VR gambling experience to life,” said Darion Lowenstein, chief marketing officer, Gamblit Gaming, in a statement.  “The Brookhaven Experiment is not only the most petrifying, heart stopping and realistic experience I’ve had in VR, but it truly embodies the concept of virtual reality. Phosphor Games is a company that pushes the boundaries of innovation and we are excited to be revolutionizing the casino floor with them in an all new wagering experience – and judging from everyone who has played it, a very memorable one for players and their friends.”

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