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The Brookhaven Experiment is Taking the Public by Storm

The game called “Vive’s scariest horror game*” will make its debut at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week as Phosphor Games today announced The Brookhaven Experiment for HTC Vive.  The new face of video game terror, The Brookhaven Experiment is a virtual reality shooter where players have limited resources in which to survive in an apocalyptic new world laden with terrifying waves of horrific monsters.

Valve’s Chet Faliszek said: “As a developer on the Left 4 Dead series, we always tried to put you into the action – we wanted you to be there.  The Brookhaven Experiment does this in a way we never could in a traditional FPS and the results are horrifying.”

Players can get an early scare via the free demo which is now available on Steam.  The full game is scheduled for release on April 26 via Steam for $19.99 and players can currently pre-order at a 25% discount until April 5.

The Brookhaven Experiment is set in a time when something has gone terribly wrong.  An experiment has torn a hole through reality.  There aren’t many people left and the things that have shown up are the stuff of nightmares.  If you have enough bullets and batteries, maybe you can live long enough to fight off the monsters and see the sunrise.  Real-world physics ensure that that won’t be an easy task as you try to simultaneously handle a gun and flashlight in this macabre VR gaming experience.

“Exploring bright and beautiful VR worlds is fun, but with The Brookhaven Experiment, we’re taking dead aim into mankind’s most primal instinct — survival,” said Chip Sineni, Director of Phosphor Games. “Brookhaven’s level of presence is so permeating and real that every ounce of your body will believe you’re in this incredibly terrifying place we have created, experiencing real fear, without the need or use of cheap jump scares.”

Follow The Brookhaven Experiment on Twitter: @phosphorgames and @BrookhavenVR

About Phosphor Games Studio

Based in Chicago, Phosphor Games Studio is a premier development studio comprised of experienced video game designers with a track record of producing financially successful and critically acclaimed titles across a variety of genres – from hardcore first-person shooters and MMOs to sports and casual games.  The studio has received back-to-back Mobile Game of the Year nominations from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences for Horn (2012) and The Dark Meadow (2011), and created the Survival Horror title Nether (2013) which has over 700,000 downloads.  More information can be found online at, on Facebook or via Twitter @phosphorgames.

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